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Desk Know your Inventory, See it All Together Avoid stockouts and fees with insightful inventory data Make it easier to track and optimize stock levels across multiple sales channels and warehouses, including Amazon FBA. Create FBA restock plans and streamline the inventory process. Warehouse Know your Inventory,
See it All Together
Warehouse Employee Desk Simplified inventory management. Analyze your inventory, determine restock quantities & create FBA shipment. SIGN UP FOR A 14 DAY TRIAL SIGN UP FOR A 14-DAY TRIAL SIGN UP FOR A 14 DAY TRIAL Desk Warehouse Employee Warehouse - Simplified Inventory Management Systems
- Determine Restock Levels
- Create FBA Shipments
Inventory Demand Forecast

Plan FBA Restock & Prevent Stockouts

This feature collects all aggregate data to help you determine future consumer demand for each ASIN. Accurately plan FBA restock and prevent lost sales due to out-of-stock items.

Amazon Inventory Analytics

See Restock Now Calculations

Achieve optimal inventory levels with restock suggestions that factor in current FBA inventory, projected demand and past lost sales data.

Calculate Storage Fees

Reduce Amazon long-term FBA fees & see where you may have products that are not selling so you can remove them from FBA or make changes to sell them faster. Track total asset you have across various channels & fulfillment centers.

Amazon Inventory Analytics

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Amazon Inventory Analytics

Avoid Lost Sales

View a breakdown of sales you lost in the past due to out-of-stock items & what sales you may lose in the future if you don't replenish stocks accurately.

Predict Consumer Demand

Hone into an item's sales demand, view potential losses if not restocked & look at restock suggestions to prevent FBA out-of-stock while preparing your next shipment plan directly in SellerMobile.

Amazon Inventory Analytics
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Amazon Inventory Analytics

Add Inventory Warehouses

Input your warehouse details into SellerMobile and we will syndicate all inventory data. See how much stock you have at each location and FBA restock suggestions.

Create FBA Restock Plans

View restock suggestions and add items to your FBA plan. Choose your label preference, ship-from warehouse, and plan name to create your FBA shipment directly in SellerMobile. Select ``create shipment`` to send the restock plan to Amazon Seller Central.

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Amazon Inventory Analytics

Inventory Alerts to Restock & Plan Smarter

One platform that gets you all the inventory analytics you could ever need.

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Track your inventory levels to avoid lost sales due to out-of-stock items.

Capitalize on items that have high stocks & reduce storage fees.

Optimize your inventory & say goodbye to long-term storage fees.

Replenish at the right levels with our smart restock recommendations.

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